Funky Planet has been designed for anyone aged 12 and over. However, the inflatable obstacles are designed for adults (someone over 1.4m) so they might be challenging for children, especially those that involve climbing.

Participants between 12 and 15 years need to be accompanied around the course at all times by a paying, participating adult (someone 18 or older).  One adult can accompany up to 3 children.  Please be aware that we may ask for proof of age and measure a child’s height at registration for the event.

Participants between 16 and 17 years can participate in the event without a supervisor; however, please notice that the parent/legal guardian has to sign the waiver form and the terms and conditions on their behalf .

Some of the obstacles have a weight limit of 120 kg (18 stone) per person, but participants do not have to attempt any obstacle if they do not wish to, for whatever reason.   Please don’t be offended if we ask to check your height and weight when you check in for the event, we hope you appreciate that we make checks to ensure the safety of all participants at Funky Planet. 

More information is available in the event Terms & Conditions.

You will get damp as you go around the course so we suggest you bring a change of clothes for the journey home.


As with all activities involving physical effort we recommend that anyone with a pre-existing medical condition checks with their GP before signing up for Funky Planet. 

You do not have to attempt any obstacle if you do not feel confident about doing so – it’s more about the fun and the experience than scaling the heights of physical endurance! 

Please read the event Terms & Conditions carefully for more information, and before buying tickets.

The course is two laps, totalling up to 5k (3 miles) in distance. Around the course are four themed ‘zones’ featuring inflatable obstacles and different ‘elements’ – including colour powder, water, foam and ‘slime’. You’ll complete 2 laps of the course and go through each zone twice, completing a total of 12 obstacles.

Your Funky Planet ticket price includes entry to the course (4 zones, 12 obstacles + foam, water, colour and slime)

Funky Planet t-shirt

Colour powder packet

Fun warm up and mass colour blast

Finish line stash

As with any journey you need to wear comfortable gear to travel in! 

Bear in mind that you’ll be running, climbing, crawling and sliding around the course.  So long shorts, tights or capris are a good idea. Trainers are essential!

Don’t forget you’ll pick up your Funky Planet t-shirt to wear around the course when you check in.

As you’ll be getting covered in powder, foam and gunge we don’t recommend that you wear your newest, smartest kit!

We recommend you bring along eye protection – e.g. goggles, facemask or sunglasses.  We DON’T recommend that you  use contact lenses.

Here are a few other suggestions:

  • Don’t wear anything that might cause injury to other participants or damage the inflatable obstacles along the course. 
  • Tie back long hair or use a bandana, cap or headband.
  • Protect hair from the ‘elements’ with a shower cap or hat.
  • Before you head to the start line leave your personal possessions at the bag drop and use nothing larger than a bum-bag for essential kit – e.g. water and tissues
  • Be aware that the colour powder and gunge may stain clothing and you!  In our tests the colours wash out of most fabrics on the first wash. Any staining on your skin make take a few days to fade.

Be aware that the coloured powder and ‘gunge’ can stain clothing (and your skin!) so please don’t wear your best new trainers and smartest running gear!


You will encounter foam, water, slime and colour powder around the course – so we recommend you bring a change of clothes for your journey home. 

Have some towels to protect the upholstery of your car, or to sit on on the bus or train home.

We will provide drinking water, but we advise you to bring a refillable bottle with you.

Please also check the ‘What should I wear’ section for information on what to wear to the event.

Yes, there will be a bag drop in the Event Village.

More information will be provided in your Funky Planet pre-departure email, which will be sent to you about 2 weeks ahead of the event.

This depends on the venue. 

You will be offered the option to pre-pay for car parking at the time of booking. 

We do recommend paying for car parking in advance, to save you time on the day and to reduce traffic queues building up around the venue. 

We are unable to offer refunds if you aren’t able to join us, but we can transfer your booking to another departure date.

Please visit the Contact Us page for details of how to get in touch with us..  

If you are unable to take part in your booked event it will be possible to transfer your entry to another departure date.

To arrange a transfer please get in touch using the Contact Form on this website. 

The powder is 100% safe for human consumption – but we want you to wear it, not eat it!

But seriously: The powder is non-toxic and non-irritant to skin and conforms to EN-71-3 Standards.  It is non-combustible and non-explosive.

We advise you to wear eye protection – e.g. goggles or sunglasses. We don’t recommend you wear contact lenses.

Because of the use of foam, colour powder and slime around the course we recommend that you consult your GP before signing up for Funky Planet if you suffer from any skin sensitivity or pre-existing medical condition.  

Please refer to the event Terms & Conditions.


The bubble mixture is a very mild and dilute soap. The foam created degrades very quickly and is not harmful to wildlife or vegetation.  


The slime is made from a mixture of Xantham gum and water. This is a food additive that you’ve probably never heard of but likely consume several times a week in soups, fruit juices and gluten-free products. It is not harmful to wildlife or vegetation.

Due to the nature of the obstacles and the use of foam, water and slime throughout the course the event is not suitable for people who are pregnant.


As you go around the Funky Planet course you will encounter foam, colour powder and slime and we are aware that any or all of these elements can cause skin irritation for some people. 

So if you are an Eczema sufferer or have any other medical conditions, we would advise you to check with your doctor before signing up.

It’s up to you.  Funky Planet is not a charity event, so there’s no obligation to fundraise.

HOWEVER… if you have a good cause that’s close to your heart then why not use Funky Planet as a way of raising awareness and some funds.





No dogs are allowed anywhere in the Funky Planet Event Village or on the course.



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